Sunday, May 29, 2016

BauBax Travel Jacket

I normally wouldn't review a piece of apparel, but BauBax Travel Jacket is a bit special. It was funded on Kickstarter; it boasts special pockets for a phone, a tablet, a charger, earphone holders, and overall is clearly aimed at geeks. That alone makes it a bit of a gadget among jackets. But mostly I decided to write this because of the amount of negative press that this product is getting on the Internet. Apparently, the company failed to ship it within the timeline it promised in the original Kickstarter campaign. People are enraged and call the company a scam. One person went as far as writign a article entitled "This is why you shoulnd't shop on Kickstarter".

Well, I didn't back the original Kickstarter campaign, but I ordered this jacket via Indiegogo InDemand. I placed the order in early April and it shipped in early May, which is not bad for an Indiegogo campaign, if you ask me. The jacket arrived; it is of good quality and basically everything you can read on their website is true. I'm looking forward to wearing it when the weather gets colder.

So, whatever the shorcomings of this company, a scam they are not, they do ship a product. Kickstarter projects do get delayed, that's the risk you are taking when you back a project. Kickstarter is not a store, you do not go shopping there, you go investing.
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