Wednesday, January 02, 2008 ripping with TheLastRipper

TheLastRipper is a great, if legally questionable, way to download music from as MP3 files.

It may be a little unclear how to enter the URL in the Radio station box to record a particular album. Follow these steps:

  1. Open your page in your browser and go to Settings - Website page. In "Music Playback" section specify "Play everything in the software".
  2. Now open album page in your browser (it looks like<artist>/<album>, e.g.
  3. Locate the "Play this album in the software" link on the page under the "Tracks on this Album" heading.
  4. Copy the URL that this link points to. It will look like this: lastfm://play/tracks/NNN,NNN,NNN, where NNN are numbers.
  5. Now paste this URL in the Radio station box in TheLastRipper and click "Tune in" button. Wait for the album to download, as it's going to take time.
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